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Product Warranty 

Effective Date: 6 Aug 2023

Thank you for choosing Foxaim Technology as your trusted installer for products sourced from various manufacturers. We value your trust and want to ensure you have a positive experience with the products we install. This Product Warranty outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty coverage for products purchased through Foxaim Technology. Please carefully read and understand this warranty before using the products.

  1. Scope of Warranty:

a. Foxaim Technology is an authorized installer and does not manufacture the products we install. The warranty coverage for each product is provided by its respective manufacturer.

b. Foxaim Technology’s role is limited to installing and setting up the products on your premises. We do not provide warranty coverage for the products beyond our installation services.

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty:

a. All products installed by Foxaim Technology are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The specific terms and duration of the warranty vary by product and manufacturer.

b. The manufacturer’s warranty typically covers defects in materials, workmanship, and functionality under normal use and conditions.

c. It is the customer’s responsibility to review and understand the manufacturer’s warranty provided with the product. The warranty terms may include limitations, exclusions, and procedures for filing warranty claims.

  1. Warranty Coverage Period:

a. The warranty coverage period for each product is determined by the manufacturer. The duration of coverage may vary from product to product.

b. Foxaim Technology will inform you of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage for the products before installation.

  1. Warranty Exclusions:

a. The manufacturer’s warranty may not cover damage or defects resulting from improper installation, misuse, abuse, accidents, neglect, or unauthorized modifications.

b. Damage caused by external factors such as power surges, natural disasters, or acts of vandalism may not be covered under the warranty.

  1. Warranty Claims:

a. In the event of a warranty claim, please contact Foxaim Technology for guidance on the warranty claim process.

b. Foxaim Technology will assist you in initiating the warranty claim with the product manufacturer on your behalf.

c. Any shipping or transportation costs associated with returning the product to the manufacturer for warranty service will be borne by the customer.

d. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the product at their discretion, based on the warranty claim assessment.

  1. Limitation of Liability:

a. Foxaim Technology shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the use or performance of the products installed.

b. Foxaim Technology’s liability is limited to its installation services, and we do not assume any responsibility for defects, damages, or warranty coverage beyond our installation scope.

  1. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or need assistance with warranty claims, please contact Foxaim Technology at:

Email: Address: 1st Floor, Near Awana Complex Pillar No. 39, Sector 49 Noida, UP 201301

Thank you for choosing Foxaim Technology as your installer. We strive to provide excellent installation services and are committed to assisting you with warranty claims to the best of our ability. For any warranty-related matters, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty information provided with the product or contact us for guidance.