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At Foxaim Technology, we believe in providing top-notch surveillance and network solutions to ensure the safety and security of your business or home. Our mission is to help you keep an eye on what matters most with the latest technology and expert installations.

Residential Solution

We offer comprehensive residential security and communication solutions to protect your home and loved ones. Our advanced IP/Analog CCTV cameras ensure 24/7 surveillance, while biometric attendance machines enhance access control. Experience seamless connectivity with our network boosters, and rely on our reliable AMC services for ongoing support.

Corporate Solution

For businesses, our corporate solutions provide unmatched security and efficient communication. Monitor your premises with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems, manage employee attendance with biometric machines, and streamline communication through EPABX systems. Stay connected with network boosters and enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated AMC services.

Banking & Finance

In the banking and finance sector, security is paramount. Our tailored solutions offer high-end surveillance, access control, and biometric attendance to ensure secure premises. Enhance communication with EPABX systems and boost network coverage to provide uninterrupted services to customers.

Education Sector

The safety of students and staff is of utmost importance. Our education sector solutions include top-notch CCTV cameras to monitor campuses, biometric attendance machines for accurate record-keeping, and EPABX systems for seamless communication within institutions.

Health Care

In the healthcare industry, protecting patients and medical facilities is critical. Our solutions feature advanced CCTV cameras for real-time monitoring, biometric attendance machines for secure access, and reliable EPABX systems to facilitate efficient communication among healthcare professionals.


With our retail solutions, ensure the safety of your stores and shoppers. High-definition CCTV cameras deter theft and provide surveillance, biometric attendance machines track employee hours, and EPABX systems streamline communication between staff members.

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, security and communication are essential. Our solutions offer top-quality CCTV cameras to monitor properties, biometric attendance machines to manage access, and EPABX systems to facilitate communication with potential clients and staff.

Transport Sector

Ensure safety and efficiency in the transport sector with our solutions. CCTV cameras monitor transit areas, biometric attendance machines track employee hours, and EPABX systems enhance communication between drivers, staff, and passengers.

Hospitality Sector

In the hospitality industry, delivering exceptional guest experiences is key. Our solutions include CCTV cameras for heightened security, biometric attendance machines to manage staff access, and EPABX systems to ensure seamless communication between departments, elevating your guests' stay.

Asha Sharma
Asha Sharma
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hirday sharma
month ago Genuine and trustworthy company. Good team. Excellent customer Service. Very much satisfied with their work.
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Kartik Bhanot
Great work
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Pratul Rajput
Best experience
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Aditya Pratap
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sonu shooter
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